From a business perspective, this is clearly the latest attempt by Google to realize the huge traffic of its products. At the same time, the concept of cloud games is also in line with the current trend of “service-oriented games”, which can bring stability to subscribers of subscription services. Cash flow.

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However, at this stage, Stadia still faces a lot of real problems.

The first is the richness of the game products is the key to determining the platform’s life and death. This has been confirmed many times in the previous host war. The establishment of the Stadia game entertainment studio shows that Google also recognizes this problem, but the experience of the industry veteran Jude can Whether it helps Google open the market, it will take time to verify.

The second is that no matter how advanced Google’s technology is, it still needs to rely on a high-speed, stable network environment to achieve the seamless game, social, multi-player and other functions mentioned in the conference, but even in the United States, Japan, Europe. In areas where Internet hardware facilities are highly developed, network stability is still a roadblock to the popularity of cloud games, not to mention other parts of the world.

Of course, Google may also be targeting the upcoming 5G era, but considering that the service will land in 2019, and today no data on bandwidth and speed requirements is released. How the final effect remains to be seen.

Why is it that Stadia has nothing to do with mainland users?

Obviously, this is a cloud game hosting service based on Google technology and web services. Although Chrome can be used in China, there are a series of supporting services and products behind it, including Google search, YouTube video, Google assistant, Google stores and so on have not landed on the mainland for reasons that are well known. At present, if there is no special means, mainland players can’t even access Stadia’s official website, so let’s talk about enjoying the service.

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It is certainly a good thing that there are new competitors in the industry. However, in terms of current intelligence, it remains to be seen whether Stadia can bring innovation to the game experience itself. Mainland users are even more blessed. Google has taken the actual effect of this step. Only after waiting for it to actually line can you know.

After watching the press conference today, I first felt very much appreciated Google’s bold attempt in the game industry. Not only did not intend to play with the old three, but even planned to launch a revolution – Stadia.

It has a lot of novel ideas and new ways of playing, which will be a big impact for the traditional game industry. Not only does Stadia not stick to the hardware, it uses the cloud to process all the data, and even deepens in the familiar words of “cloud games”, which really brings Instant Access to the players. Google stadia features

The function points of the Stadia platform:

1. A wide range of support for a wide range of terminals, as long as there is a browser, video decoding, and input devices (handles) can
be played . 2. Seamlessly switch between multiple terminals, play halfway through the home and then go to work Then play, play in the living room and go to bed and play again
. 3. Open the browser and enter the game in just 5 seconds, faster than loading the page
. 4. (Drawing Pieces) Killer: The anchor plays games on the cloud platform, the audience sees When he is just playing to progress A, the spectator clicks on the anchor of the anchor to purchase the game, and can continue to play along with the progress of the anchor, which is the so-called “I am on my way” mode

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Here’s a simple review:

For Microsoft:

It is clear that the concept of “play everywhere” is my first. Why is this happening…


The pressure is a bit big, and it is divided into a potential market for some light players.

For Nintendo:

Compared with the old equipment, Stadia is obviously a question of “can’t play”, not “whether the experience is better”. You play Mario, Yoshi, Kaby, Galaxy on the cloud platform. Warrior, Zelda… take a look? (Panda laughs)

For game developers:

1. Because the files are in the cloud, anti-piracy and anti-cheating work is very labor-saving
. 2. Because the computing is on the server side, you can consider some new mechanism design that can’t be imagined before, and dare not operate at the local level. , (in the original words of the speech) For example, designing a large escape of 1000 people… or a waste of resources, etc.
3. People who are interested in the way of cloud games, it is also unlikely to buy a host or a high configuration. The PC, which is the original non-predictive target group, is able to sell one more to the group for the manufacturer, which is equivalent to expanding the market, and of course better
. 4. The game portal can be identified by a unique link, and then the link is shared. To each social media, it is equivalent to only maintaining the only distribution channel.

5. For big companies such as EA, Ubisoft, and epic, it is more important than to sell games to take advantage of the opportunity to build their own platform, on Stadia. It is a bit of a split . Therefore, it is estimated that it will start to catch up with fashion, put a few new works to test the water, but will not fully invest

For game anchors:

The game anchors finally have the same ability to bring goods with the vibrato, fast-handed Up masters, and no longer need to drain to Taobao meat muffins! XD

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