Google tells us that Stadia is not just about getting a player to a high-quality, smooth game. Google wants anyone to participate in your game. The “social experience” is Stadia’s most powerful feature.

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The rumored Google game console, although not present, is more powerful than the previous game console. In the past, installing and loading games was the most insatiable time for many players. It took only 5 seconds for Stadia to click Play from the screen to start playing, and provide 4K 60fps HDR and surround sound gaming experience. In the future, Stadia will provide 8K. The 120fps game screen means that the era of VR streaming is coming, players no longer need a strong hardware to support the game performance.

“Data center is your playform” is a powerful and easy-to-understand slogan at Google’s presentation. You can seamlessly stream on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. TVs require Google Chromecast to start the service.

A Google spokesperson said that Stadia’s environment is (download speed) 25Mbps, which can provide 4K, 60fps gaming experience. 

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Google also launched the game controller Stadia Controller for a new gaming platform. The controller uses Wi-Fi connection and has two buttons, “Share” and “Google Voice Assistant”. The former is relatively familiar to gamers, but don’t forget Google has a powerful software-based support for this button, such as YouTube, Google Photo.

The Google Voice Assistant button is probably the most important feature of Stadia, which helps players quickly build bridges with other players. With the development of the game live broadcast industry, many players scream “watchers who have seen it” as “cloud players”. Stadia minimizes the gap between the live broadcast screen and the audience, and the viewers only need to enter the live game link. You can take over (or play together) the game directly.

Stadia is definitely a good thing for game developers, and the platform saves the time it takes for players to go to the store to buy physical CDs or download digital games. Players are more likely to play new games, meaning that good games are easier to spread.

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The game lineup that the player cares most may not have a satisfactory answer at the press conference. Google announced that Doom Eternal produced by idSoftwware Studio will appear in the starting lineup. The game supports 4K resolution, HDR and 60fps game screens, although I don’t know the release date. But you can play it on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One. Stadia also supports cross-platform games, and game developers can do multi-player multiplayer games, game archiving, updates and more.


Google announced that it will officially launch Stadia in 2019, starting in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Taiwanese players may still have to wait.

Google pushes the big game platform Stadia, you don’t have to buy a game console, you can play 3A games with Chrome.

Google held the GDC Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on the 20th, and announced the cloud game streaming service “Stadia”, emphasizing that 3A games can be played no matter what device, Stadia project leader Phil Harrison said, Stadia allows people to connect to any device. Play any game, this is “a game platform for everyone.”

Chrome avatar game console

Google emphasizes that Stadia is built on its own Google Cloud service and allows users to connect directly to the device via a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, while opening it instantly via Chrome, without having to complete any downloads in advance. Install, or update the upgrade action.

How do you play it? Just click on any link to enter the game. At the conference, Google actually demonstrated the “Assassin’s Teach Odyssey”. From the YouTube video, click on the “Play Now” link to enter, the whole process is no more than 5 seconds, and the player can play the game without even downloading. 

Stadia connected YouTube sharing game

In addition to being able to quickly execute games directly through the Chrome browser, Stadia supports multiplayer connections and even supports cross-platform connection, while users can also stream live through YouTube during the game.

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In 2018, the total content of game content on YouTube is up to 50 billion hours. Players will watch previews, live events, and Raiders on YouTube. “Share” is an indispensable ecosystem for games. Therefore, YouTube will be the attraction of Stadia. The incentive for the game.

Stadia control handle will be available with Wifi

Google has released a control handle for Stadia “Stadia Controller”. Any device can be used with the Stadia control handle and connected to the game you are playing via WiFi, which helps smooth transfer and perfection between different platforms. Continue the previous game progress.

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In addition, the “Stadia Controller” has a capture button that allows you to capture game clips or screens to share with YouTube, and even let the viewers play with the creators. In addition, when the player encounters a card, they can also follow The Google Assistant asks for help, and it sends the answer in a voice.

Google builds a big platform for games

For the first time, Google will enter the game world and will support 4K games at HDR and 60fps speeds. It will compete with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, and will support 8K resolution games in the future.

But the most important thing is that Stadia does not rely on traditional game consoles, but through the Chrome browser, and integrates services such as YouTube. At this point, Stadia is expected to be the most powerful game application platform, including marketing and sales, bringing billions of unprecedented opportunities to the game industry.

Stadia expects to list in Europe and America in 2019

However, Google is not the only technology giant to launch a gaming platform. Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, while NVIDIA and Sony already have game streaming services, and Amazon is also developing similar cloud gaming services that will likely run soon.

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Stadia’s actual details, such as the game lineup, official selling price, social features, Google did not disclose, only said that it will not be released until the summer of 2019, is expected to launch the first game in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe in 2019 . Check Here For WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE CLOUD GAMING SERVICE